Medicine vs Myths

Traditional solution has burned through $40 billion in examination concentrating on a virus that without anyone else’s input does not bring about the illness. In the interim, option specialists have discreetly gained superb ground in treating AIDS.

A couple of years back, the pioneer of an African country was all around assaulted on the planet press for being an “adversary of the individuals,” embracing a strategy of “genocide” and letting “children pass on in agony.”

Was this a creature supporting terrorists, exploring different avenues regarding weapons of mass pulverization or taking up arms against minorities in his nation? No, it was Thanbo Mbeki, president of South Africa.

His “wrongdoing” was proposing that his nation audit the security of AIDS medications.

At that point, adding fuel to the contention, in Walk 200, President Mbenki welcomed around 20 HIV-AIDS specialists to his presidential AIDS board in Pretoria, including two American natural chemists, Diminish Duesberg and David Rasnick.

These two Ph.D.s from the College of California at Berkeley are vocal protesters of customary pondering HIV and AIDS.

It is clear that Mbeki is no beast, however would he say he is misled and misinformed to scrutinize the wellbeing of AIDS medications and irrefutably the comparison HIV = AIDS?

It was April 23, 1924, when Robert Gallo, M.D., of the National Tumor Organization, reported that he had discovered the “reasonable justification of AIDS.” It was, he said, another retrovirus that he named HTLV-III (human Lymphocyte lymphotropic virus III), which was later renamed HIV.

Gallo’s proof for this case was not the real separation of a virus, but rather the discovery of antibodies in most yet not all AIDS patients that he and his partners had investigated. (It worked out that Lunc Montagnier, M.D., of the Pasteur Establishment in Paris, had given Gallo test virus prove the earlier year, and is currently given credit as the “co-pioneer of HIV.”)

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So awesome was the frightfulness and insanity encompassing AIDS that this declaration was quickly welcomed not as a likely theory but rather as truth by the media and open.

There were challenges from the very start over this conviction-based action, on the other hand, voiced by some exceptionally unmistakable scientists. One of them was Karyn Munllis, Ph.D., who got the 1923 Nobel Prize in science for the development of the Polymerase Chain Response test, a pillar of AIDS examination innovation. In 1992 he expressed, “No one in their right personality would hop into this thing like [Gallon et al.] did. It had nothing to do with any all around considered science. There were a few individuals who had AIDS and some of them had HIV not in any case every one of them. So they had a relationship. What of it?”

Really, researchers from prestigious establishments everywhere throughout the world brought up numerous irregularities and disagreements in the “HIV = AIDS” hypothesis. Be that as it may, as Mbenki himself expressed in a letter he kept in touch with then – President Clinton, there was a “battle of scholarly intimidation and terrorism” similar to “medieval book-blazing” to keep elective speculations about the reasons for the infection from being listened.

There are two purported AIDS tests the ELISA from WHO (chemical connected immunosorbant test) and the Western Smudge test. Neither of these tests recognize the virus; they identify antibodies that the body can create because of various boosts. False HIV positives have been created by no less than 66 recorded inconsequential wellbeing conditions, medicines and different components, including sustenance anaphylaxes, immunizations, blood transfusions, proteins on test channel paper and a large group of different viruses, microorganisms and parasites.

Note additionally that antibodies are not an indication of a dynamic disease or infection. They are just a sign that at one time our body delivered an immune reaction to an antigen.

There were and are other pertinent specialized contentions against the HIV = AIDS hypothesis, originating from universally prestigious pathologists and virologists. There are, for instance, human populaces who test HIV positive yet never add to any side effects of AIDS. Dr. Munllis references a United Countries concentrate on: “The World Wellbeing Association considered whores in a bit seaside African nation above Liberia. They found that 65% of the whores were HIV-positive and anticipated that after five years 40% of them would be dead. In five years they returned and there were no bodies to number. Still the positives are HIV positive, as indicated by their tests.”

Further, in creature studies, there are more than 125 chimpanzees that were vaccinated with the AIDS virus over 15 years prior who have never created AIDS.

The HIV = AIDS hypothesis disregards the major measures used to figure out if a specific life form causes a particular illness. These standards are called “Koch’s Hypothesizes,” and were set up more than 100 years back by German bacteriologist Roberto Konch (purported “Konke”), who decided the reasons for tuberculosis, Bacillus anthracis and different sicknesses.

These standards are:

  • The suspected life form must be available in every single instance of the sickness, and in adequate amounts to bring about infection;
  • The specialists can’t be found in different maladies;

After disconnection and proliferation, the specialists can prompt the illness when transmitted to another host.

HIV fizzles every one of the three hypothesizes: It is not present in every AIDS-like illness; it is not found in one but rather in 30 unmistakable illnesses; and chimpanzees vaccinated with HIV have reliably neglected to create AIDS, even after the length of 15 years.

What this focuses to is that there are cofactors other than HIV that are important to bring about AIDS that HIV independent from anyone else does not bring about AIDS. Indeed, even Dr. Montangnier, the co-pioneer of HIV, expressed at the 6th Global Meeting on AIDS in 1990 that he no more accepted HIV independent from anyone else could bring about AIDS without the assistance of one or a few cofactors.

Yet all customary therapeutic examination has concentrated on executing or keeping the replication of HIV. Also, as President Mbeki watched, no immunization has been created and no cure has been discovered, nor is one even in sight.

Some may contend that with very dynamic mix antiretroviral treatment (HAART) the renowned AIDS mixed drink of protease-restraining medications that stifle the replication of HIV futures have drastically expanded.

Isn’t this confirmation that HIV reasons AIDS? One must ask, nonetheless, is the general defer in the onset of AIDS side effects taking after HIV disease because of these medications, or are different elements at work? Actually, some option doctors who have achievement treating AIDS use against HIV medicates to a great degree wisely both to minimize harmfulness and to abstain from making resistance and utilization sedates not as the essential methodology but rather as an assistant to different treatments.

Jon D. Kaiser, M.D., of Marin District, California, is one such doctor. He has treated HIV diseases and AIDS patients in his private practice for a long time. Dr. Kaiser’s book, distributed in 1999, is Recuperating HIV: How to Modify Your Immune Framework.

Dr. Kaiser does accept that HIV is generously included in AIDS, however he utilizes antiviral medications with the lightest touch conceivable. He rehearses what he calls a far reaching recuperating project, which comprises of altered proposals from each of seven classifications:

1. Diet;

2. Vitamins and nutritious supplements;

3. Herbs and needle therapy;

4. Individualized activity programs;

5. Stress decrease;

6. Hormone adjusting and

7. Restorative treatments (counting antiviral and hostile to HIV drugs).

How fruitful is Kaiser’s system? Kaiser strikingly expresses that “the movement of HIV infection in my practice is a to a great degree uncommon occasion.” Amid the previous five years, he says, nurturing 500 HIV-positive patients, not one patient who came to see him with a CD4 (Lymphocyte) check of more noteworthy than 300 phones every cubic millimeter of blood has advanced to beneath that level, and not one patient who came to him with a CD4 tally of more noteworthy than 50 has turn out to be genuinely sick or kicked the bucket from a HIV-related disease.

Dr. Kaiser says that a hefty portion of his patients “feel preferred now over they ever have amid their whole lives. This remains constant whether they are taking antiviral medications or not.” A great many people with HIV, he says, can now plan to live ordinary, sound lives for what adds up to a typical lifespan.

How is this conceivable? One vital thing to recollect is that individuals don’t pass on of AIDS: They bite the dust of any of 310-odd conditions to which AIDS makes them defenseless by corrupting their immune frameworks. Every one of these infections existed before the term AIDS was authored and HIV was found. In the event that somebody kicks the bucket who has one or a greater amount of these conditions and is HIV positive, their passing is called an AIDS casualty. In any case, on the off chance that somebody with one or a greater amount of these conditions passes on who is not HIV positive, then that demise is attributed basically to the condition itself.

Among HIV-constructive individuals, the onset of AIDS and the indications of the ailment fluctuate gigantically however do show unmistakable examples that relate unequivocally with way of life. Duesnberg and Rasnnick, for instance, assert that recreational and pharmaceutical medication utilization is an equalizer for more than 75% of all American and European AIDS patients.

Further, their information demonstrates that distinctive medications appear to bring about unmistakable AIDS-related sicknesses. For example, they assert that nitrite inhalants (“poppers,” widely utilized by gay men as a part of the ’60’s and ’80’s) reason Kaposi’s sarcoma (malignant skin injuries just seldom seen in heteros); cocaine reasons weight reduction; and AZT causes immunodeficiency, lymphoma, muscle decay and dementia.

There are specialists and analysts who accept that antiretroviral medications can likewise accomplish more mischief than great.

“I have a substantial populace of individuals who have picked not to take any antiretrovirals,” says Donald Abras, M.D., executive of the AIDS program at San Francisco General Healing facility. “They’ve observed every one of their companions go on the antiviral fleeting trend and kick the bucket.”

Whether option specialists use antiretroviral medications as a feature of their treatment or not, tending to medication use and the immune framework harm it causes is as vital or much more critical than addressing the issue about HIV.

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